Orthodontic Services in Massillon, OH

A straight smile not only allows patients to feel confident when speaking and smiling but makes regular at-home oral hygiene easier and more effective. Drs. Ronald Saxen and Corey Stafford provide multiple options for orthodontic treatment in Massillon, allowing patients to achieve ideally straight and comfortable smiles.

Whether you are looking for comprehensive orthodontic care for your child or discreet adult orthodontic care for yourself, contact our general dentists today to schedule your orthodontic exam and consultation.


Braces for Adults and Children

Orthodontic treatment is beneficial for patients of all ages, and our team provides multi-phased care to ensure that every member of your family can achieve better dental alignment and health. For younger patients with potentially complex bite and teeth alignment problems, phase one treatment is used to expand the palate, creating ample space for adult teeth to grow. Other appliances can also be used to properly position the jaw for optimal bite alignment, preventing irregular wear in the future.

Phase two treatment includes the alignment of the teeth using appliances such as metal and ceramic braces. Separating treatment into two phases allows us to treat patients of all ages, minimizing the extent of care required for children, and enhancing the experience of adults who need braces or other appliances.

Metal and Ceramic Braces

Traditional bracket and archwire braces correct the widest range of alignment and occlusal issues, and are customized to treat the individual needs of each patient. Metal brackets exert the greatest amount of pressure, allowing them to make the greatest impact on alignment. Using personalized orthodontic bands, we can minimize the visual effect of the brackets, or allow patients to select their favorite colors.

Ceramic brackets are matched to the shade of a patient’s teeth, making them nearly imperceptible to others. Both metal and ceramic braces are regularly adjusted by our dentists to correct rotation, crowding, and malocclusion.

Invisalign® Clear Aligners

While orthodontic appliances allow many patients to achieve ideally straight smiles, some are hesitant to undergo treatment with metal braces. To provide necessary care without having to affect the natural appeal of patients’ smile, we provide clear braces through Invisalign®.

Our Massillon, OH, Invisalign providers take detailed impressions of your bite, which are then used to create a series of custom trays that gradually create a beautifully aligned smile. For qualifying patients, we also provide Invisalign Teen and Invisalign Express.

Invisalign Teen: This is created specifically for younger patients and features a tab that indicates whether patients have been compliant with treatment. Invisalign Teen also incorporates space for teeth to grow in, in case patients are still experiencing gaps from the loss of their baby teeth.

Invisalign Express: If only minor changes are required to achieve your ideal smile aesthetic, Invisalign Express provides expedited treatment. These trays correct mild orthodontic issues in a shorter time than other comparable treatments.

Straighten Your Smile with Our Massillon, OH, Dentists

Drs. Saxen and Stafford provide comprehensive orthodontic care throughout Massillon, OH, and the neighboring communities. To schedule an orthodontic exam and consultation for yourself or your child, contact us today.


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